Bicycle Use Guidelines

Safe multiple use of designated trails on the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve requires everyone's cooperation. Each trail user is asked to exercise common courtesy.  Be safe, considerate and aware of your impact on the habitat, the trail and other trail users.

Ride open trails.

  • Bicycles are allowed only on designated trails within the Preserve. 
  • Bicycles are not permitted, either walked, ridden or carried, on trails marked "No Bicycles."
  • No motorized bicycles, mopeds or motorcycles, electric or gas powered, are permitted on the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.  Wheelchairs excepted.

Yield appropriately.

  • Bicycles yield to horses and hikers. Hikers yield to horses.
  • Before passing, slow down, ring bell and/or establish verbal contact.
  • When approaching equestrians, call out, ring bell and stop, whether you are seen or not. Ask for instructions from equestrian rider on how to pass safely.

Leave No Trace.

  • Many rare or endangered plants and animals reside on the Fiscalini Ranch  Preserve.  Please help us protect and preserve their habitat by riding only on existing trails – never create a new one.
  • Muddy trails are vulnerable to damage – consider other options if a trail is soft.

Ride Responsibly.

  • California law requires that anyone under the age of 18 must use an approved helmet as a passenger or operator of a bicycle.
  • Helmets are recommended for every rider.
  • Bells are recommended on bicycles on Fiscalini Ranch Preserve trails.

Bicycles Prohibited on Trails Highlighted in Red.

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