Docent Walks

Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve sponsors free monthly guided walks focusing on the beauty and natural diversity of the Ranch. Forest Loop and Bluff trail walks, led by experienced docents, feature an opportunity to view and understand the rich and complex ecosystems of plants and animals that inhabit the Ranch. In addition to the Forest Loop and Bluff Trail walks, docents offer special interest walks that follow the seasonal and migratory changes that occur on the Ranch. Topics for the special interest walks include geology, birds, butterflies, wildflowers, and native cultures.

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Docent Walks start at one of the entrances listed above. Street parking is available at all entrances. Please do not block our neighbor's driveways or mailboxes.

Docent & Single Topic Walks

Aug 13
10am - 12pm
Docent - Sea and Land . . . A Partnership on the Ranch Preserve

Enjoy learning about the marine mammals, kelp forest and its many uses, tide pool inhabitants, animals and birds that call the bluffs their home, and our abundant native plant life and the non-native weeds that threaten them.

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Aug 20
10am - 12pm
Docent - Mental, Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Our Ranch Forest

How is the abundance of plant life in the forest influencing our senses-both mental and physical?  Is the ocean and forest air we inhale beneficial to our spirit and body?

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Sep 17
10am - 12pm
Docent - Seek the Secrets of the Bluff Trail (with the Seek app by iNaturalist)

Enjoy the Ranch and gorgeous ocean views as we learn about early human inhabitants of the area, our ocean environment, and enjoy the plants and animals that we find along the Bluff Trail!

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Sep 24
10am - 12:30 pm
Docent - Yes, Our Pinus Radiata Are Important, But -

Cambria has one of the last remaining natural Monterey Pine forests in the world. Yes, the trees release oxygen, help clean the air, sequester carbon, provide health benefits, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and can boost our mood. But the trees are only part of the forest. . . .

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