2021.12.09 | December Updates from the Ranch


Give the Ranch a Hand Auction: “A Friend’s Gift” watercolor by Cambria’s own Cindy Steidel was added to an excellent collection of wonderful items. Proceeds will support the preservation and restoration of Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. Bidding is ongoing through Saturday, December 11. You can find the auction through a link under NEWS on fiscaliniranchpreserve.org

Return of the Sierra Club Service Trips: In a very welcome return to normal operations, a group of 12 Sierra Club volunteers and two leaders visited the Ranch on December 6 as part of their service outing. Volunteers came from places as far flung as New Hampshire and the Midwest to Washington, Oregon, and California. Brian Morgan, Michael Thomas, Walt Andrus, and Mark Larsen directed these hard workers as they pulled ice plant along the bluff and planted 40 Monterey pine seedlings.

An additional volunteer group met Brian Morgan on December 4 to pull more ice plant near the south entrance to the Bluff Trail. Both piles of ice plant will be hauled away as soon we can arrange it.

Linking boardwalk: The California Conservation Corps is helping Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve plan for an accessible boardwalk linking the Bluff and Marine Terrace trails. They flagged the route where it leaves the existing trail. Those yellow flags are likely to stay in place for quite a while.

Hospitality Day: Around 50 people visited during Hospitality Day! Thank you! Our regular hours are Thursday to Saturday, 11am to 2pm (3pm on Saturdays). The shop is at 604 Main St., between Sandy’s and Maddie Mae’s.

Tree Removal: Four more dead trees had to be cut down near the Victoria Way Trail. Hopefully regular winter rains will help the remaining trees remain healthy and encourage the saplings that are coming up.

Our thanks to everyone who loves and supports the Ranch!

Photo: Sierra Club volunteers, by Sierra Club

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