2022.11.16 | Join FFRP Thanksgiving Weekend for Tree Planting Event

man holding pine seedlings

A favorite annual Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve (FFRP) event is back:  Monterey pine tree planting.  This volunteer opportunity is great for all ages and will take place on Saturday, November 26, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Volunteers will meet near the Dolphin Bench on the Ridge Trail.  FFRP will provide shovels, gloves, and other supplies.

     This year around 300 Pinus radiata trees are ready to plant.  These seedlings are grown from disease-resistant trees on the Ranch.  They were started by FFRP volunteers and grown in the new restoration nursery.  Since the 2021 planting was cancelled due to lack of rain, these seedlings are now large with healthy root systems ready to give them a good start.

     How to Plant for Climate Resilience:

  • Start with larger plants with deep, well-established roots that will reach moist soil.  Volunteers will be planting trees in pots that are four inches across and twelve inches deep.
  • Dig a small planting hole so as not to disturb – and dry out – the surrounding soil.  FFRP members will pre-auger the holes to make planting easier.  Firm extra soil back into the hole by hand before digging.  Try to keep mulch and seeds out of the planting hole.  Remember that roots do not grow through air, so they need to be in firm contact with the soil.
  • Water before planting to give the seedling a start with moist roots.
  • Plant at ground level.  The soil in the pot is between ground level or one quarter of an inch above the level of the ground.  Firm the soil around the root ball.
  • Water again – about two gallons per plant – to settle the soil around the tree and to help it recover from handling.
  • Mulch to conserve water.  Put a full bucket of mulch around the tree, making sure the mulch is three inches away from the stem.  The mulch will help conserve water and reduce competition from grasses, but it can cause disease if the tree stem stays moist.

     More than 80 trees in this year’s planting have been dedicated already.  Dedications can be made in honor or memory of someone.  Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve will send a card, if requested, to the acknowledgee.  Tree dedications support the Ranch’s restoration program and can be made through the FFRP website (fiscaliniranchpreserve.org) under DONATE.