Sea Jellies and Buckwheat

Sea Jellies and Buckwheat
Aug 10
10am - 12pm

Location: Registrants will be informed of location
Docent: Gil Eastman

By August our coastal waters have become slightly warmer and the current has brought salty oceanic water along with its krill, albacore, sea jellies, and leatherback sea turtles. Along our shore we may see some of the jellies. We don’t really see the fish - we might see an occasional leatherback. But along with this warmer current, the blue whales follow the krill. Usually just below the horizon, you might see their huge 30 foot blow. Similarly, the humpback whales follow the current, and breach and “play” nearer shore.

The warmer days of summer have taken their toll on many of the plants and grasses of the bluff. Many of the plants have either died back or have gone dormant. However, some of our bluff plants survived the summer heat, and even seem to thrive as summer ends. It is a great time to see some of these late summer plants, including sea-cliff buckwheat, gumplant, milk vetch, seaside daisies, and probably a few poppies.

 This short leisurely stroll is free and open to the public. Children are welcome with adult supervision. No dogs please. Please be aware that there are no restroom facilities on the Ranch and plan accordingly. Rain cancels


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