15th Annual Cambria Wildflower Show

15th Annual Cambria Wildflower Show

Location: Cambria Vetran's Memorial Hall

This looks like a great year for wildflowers! The combination of ample rain and warm weather is bringing out the blooms and with them a return of the beloved Annual Cambria Wildflower Show. Get a head start on appreciating this spring’s amazing flora show – or just enjoy seeing it all under one roof – at the 15th Annual Cambria Wildflower Show.

When: Saturday, April 29 from noon to 5PM, and Sunday, April 30 from 10AM to 4PM

Where: Cambria Veterans Memorial Hall, 1000 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428

Admission (at the door): $5 donation for adults; free for students under 18

The show is a comprehensive tour of the flora diversity of northern San Luis Obispo County from the Monterey County line to the Morro Bay Estuary and from the coastal bluffs to the ridge of the Santa Lucia Mountains. It showcases the remarkable range of floral colors, scents, and sizes found right here in SLO County.

There will be:

  • Hundreds of bouquets of fresh flowers arranged by plant family and labeled with botanical and common names.
  • Rare and endangered, invasive and poisonous plants all identified for your appreciation.
  • A dazzling array of antique and interesting bottles and vases holding the specimens.
  • Botanists on hand to answer your wildflower questions and identify your photos.
  • Great treats and light fare available at the “Wildflower Café”.
  • Helpful books, plant lists, wildflower seeds, and merchandise for sale from Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve and California Native Plant Society.

The 15th Annual Cambria Wildflower Show is sponsored by Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. The purpose of this educational display is to enhance the public’s enjoyment of wildflowers by highlighting the county’s flora diversity and aiding in identification. Permitted and trained teams of collectors pick the flowers, from habitats with large populations, so that people can learn to enjoy plants in their natural habitats without picking the flowers themselves. 

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