Living with Wildlife

Aug 3
10am - 12pm

Location: Rabobank Community Room, 1070 Main St, Cambria
Docent: Kelly Vandenheuvel

Join Kelly Vandenheuvel and Marcelle Bakula from Pacific Wildlife Care for a talk focusing on the mission of the Pacific Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which cares for injured birds, mammals and reptiles. Kelly will bring Denali, a Red tailed hawk, and Alice, a Great horned owl. These birds cannot be released back into the wild because of their injuries. Children are welcome when accompanied by an adult.  No registration required.

About Pacific Wildlife Care, a gift to our community!

Directly and indirectly, humans affect the livelihood of every wild species on the planet. The Pacific Wildlife Care Rehabilitation Center in Morro Bay takes in:

  • seabirds covered in oil
  • birds and mammals hit by automobiles
  • seabirds entangled by fishing line and pierced by fishing hooks
  • hawks caught in barbed-wire fences or maimed by gunshots
  • songbirds caught by cats
  • eagles and turkey vultures poisoned by lead bullet-laced rodents or carrion
  • mammal babies orphaned by trapped parents
  • and the list goes on. . . . Each year over 35,000 hours of time are given to treat nearly 3,000 wild animals and to educate our community about the wildlife in SLO county. Volunteers support wildlife by assisting with animal care in the Rehabilitation Center, by answering our Hotline, by rescuing and transporting animals, by staffing the office, by conducting community outreach programs, and by assisting with many other needed duties and tasks.



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